FarmFan: Get Market Text Alerts!
Farm Fan Logo We are introducing a new text message service called FarmFan. It allows us to communicate with you on market day to give you the latest information. In addition, you will be able to check in at the market and get loyalty rewards for coming throughout the season.

After you become a FarmFan, one hour after the market opens each week (we don't want to wake you!), you will get a text message from us with what’s fresh on that market day. The update may also include specials that are available only to FarmFans, so be sure you sign up! You may unsubscribe at any time, by responding STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE to any text message you receive from us.

Additionally, if there are is a problem that would cause the market to close (such as bad weather), we will be touch through this text message.

To check-in, you will come to the market, make a purchase, and we will give you a passcode that you will text back in to get checked in for that market day.

As always, your support is appreciated and we hope this new app increases your enjoyment at the market! Thank you for your interest!

Sign up here! Or text mis594 to 913-278-1015

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