Adult Water Classes & Lessons

Class sessions & fees are located in our Activity Guide.

Adult Beginner Swim Lessons

This class offers teens and adults individualized goal setting and instruction. Beginning to intermediate swimming instruction includes: basic stroke skills for front crawl, elementary backstroke, back crawl, breast stroke, side stroke, and underwater swimming. Other skills included are basic rhythmic breathing and water safety skills. Instructor: Staff. Class ratio 5:1. Ages 15 & older.

Monday 6:45pm-7:15pm OR SAT: 11:55-12:25pm

AM Water Aerobics

How AM Water Aerobic Works:

1. Aquatic Exercise is offered M-F from 8:00-8:55am, Just My Speed is offered M/W/F only from 9:00-9:55am.

2. Enroll in 2 days/wk, 3 days/wk or unlimited class sessions.

3. You  pick either 8am or 9am (M/W/F only)  at the time of enrollment, but you can come to either time so you can experience different curriculums!

4. Refunds will not be given for 2 days/wk or 3 days/wk for planned class cancellations;  participants have the ability to make up missed classes within the month session.

Aquatic Exercise

Participants may bring their own aqua shoes. Participants use the natural resistance of water to provide a safe, full-body workout. Tone and strengthen muscle, increase cardiovascular endurance and enjoy the feeling of being physically fit!

M-F: 8:00-8:55am ($5 Pit-Stop)

Just My Speed

Low impact water walking, aerobics, and toning allow individuals to improve cardiovascular endurance, while developing strength and flexibility of all major muscle groups. Personal Trainer/Instructor: Shauna Utz.

M/W/F: 9:00-9:55am ($5 Pit-Stop)  


Private & Semi-Private Swim Instruction

This program is available on a first come, first serve basis. For more information, call the Aquatics office at 913.722.8207

Private: $25 • $20MDR / 30 min.

Semi-Private: $20 • $15MDR / 30 min.



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